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Let AI Try robot

Let AI Try

So AI can code websites and generate pictures. Can it solve the problem of world hunger? Probably not. But it's fun to watch it try.

Human-AI Collaboration

For decades we have been working to limit emissions causing climate change, keep money from influencing politics, and addressing poverty, with only partial success. What happens if we Let AI Try?

How? Leverage GPT to strategize, write drafts, help execute campaigns, draft code, analyze large amounts of technical, financial and political data, etc.

"So AI replaces humans?" Of course not! GPT isn't as intelligent as you are, but it can be a tool to help with minutiae such as how to set up a website or spark your thinking about a topic. And occassionaly it exhibits creativity and humor, which along with the novelty of AI can draw attention to your cause.

A humble little AI robot in a future with climate change

A campaign platform


Ostensibly, it is the AI in the driver seat. But in the end, real change will come about because people come together to act.

We're starting one campaign on climate, but we want to provide a platform for others to use the exammple to experiment with other campaigns. Share resources, tips, and examples here.
a crowd of peple